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Ripley, George

Born: 1802 AD
Died: 1880 AD
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1802 – Born on October 3rd in Greenfiled, Massachusetts. A journalist and reformer whose life, for half a century, mirrored the main currents of American thought. He was the leading promoter and director of Brook Farm and a spokesman for the utopian socialist ideas of the French social reformer Charles Fourier.

1823 – He graduated first in his class at Harvard.

1826-1840 – He was pastor of a Unitarian church in Boston, subsequently retiring from the active ministry altogether.

1827 – Married to Sophia Willard Dana.

1836 – The first meeting of the Transcendental Club was held at his house in September.

1841-1844 – He was a founder and a chief supporter of the magazine, the Dial, which was the organ of the school.

1849 – He joined the staff of the New York Tribune, and in a short time became its literary editor.

1865 – Married to Augusta Schlossberger.

1880 – Died on July 4th in New York.

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