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Rilke, Rainer Maria

Born: 1875 AD
Died: 1926 AD
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1875 – He was born on the 4th day of December this year in Prague, Bohemia.


1892 – He was tutored for the university entrance exam, which he passed in 1895.


1896 – He studied literature, art history, and philosophy in Prague and Munich.


1897 – He met and fell in love with the widely traveled intellectual and lady of letters Lou Andreas-Salome (1861-1937).


1898 – He undertook a journey lasting several weeks to Italy.


1899 – He traveled with Lou and husband, Friedrich Andreas, to Moscow where he met the novelist Leo Tolstoy.


1900 – He stayed at the artists’ colony at Worpswede, where his portraits were painted by the proto-expressionist Paula Modersohn-Becker.


1911 – He stayed at the Castle Duino, near Trieste, home of Countess Marie of Thurn and Taxis.


1912 – He began the poem cycle called the Duino Elegies, which would remain unfinished for a decade due to a long-lasting creativity crisis.


1916 – He had a turbulent affair with the painter Lou Albert-Lasard.


1917- He left home and traveled to Paris to write a monograph on the sculptor Auguste Rodin.


1919 – On the 11th of June this year, he traveled from Munich to Switzerland.


1921 – He was able to find a permanent residence in the Chateau de Muzot, close to Sierre in Valais.


1922 – His patron Werner Reinhart purchased the building so that Rilke could live there rent-free.


1923 – He had to struggle with health problems that necessitated many long stays at a sanatorium in Territet, near Montreux, on Lake Geneva.


1925 – His long stay in Paris between January and August this year was an attempt to escape his illness through a change in location and living conditions.


1926 – He died on 29th of December this year in the Valmont Sanatorium in Switzerland.


1927 – He was laid to rest on 2nd January this year in the Raron cemetery to the west of Visp. He chose his own epitaph.























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