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Richard Ozanne (Richard Marsh)

Born: 1959 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: None



Richard Ozanne (Marsh) was born May 20th 1959 in St Louis Mo. An Internationally noted (archived-published) visual artist: painter, designer, musician and writer/journalist.    His background should be very interesting to the casual observer, a biographer, as well as those who might note certain elements of a legacy, such as having a family musical/artistic history that spans for well over a century.    Mr Ozanne’s father Ozan Marsh, a pianist of note was honored by Ronald Regan for his successes in performance and teaching during his lifetime. Ozan Marshs mother was a noted actress Eltka Tchereginska of Pre-Soviet Russian background appearing in early film, and theater, his grandfather a noted Violinist active with orchestras across the country during the turn of the last century in America. At that time many cosmopolitan areas were just assembling their first symphony orchestras.   Ozanne’s mother Patricia Benkman (Recording) was a well noted pianist and fine teacher who was one of the first woman performers to give her debut with the San Francisco Symphony, her father a symphony flutist, great-grandfather an immigrant violinst from Germany, fleeing the territory of Otto Von Bismark yet appearing before the Kaiser Wilhelm II before coming to America before WWI. Many of his family have fought and died in wars, bringing a sense of the values of history to the present..on reason of celebrating freedom, is one reason to make art. For some this is a vital reason. Ones personal History is sometimes one thing that brings us a feeling of a backdrop... Richard Ozanne grew up with music and art. He was seated taking his first lessons in piano at four years old and taking his first art lesson at five in perspective and drawing. He was a natural when it came to art in a creative sense, and had a normal childhood like all children, with school, laughter and kite flying on warm summer days. Ozanne grew up in an progressive era of space exploration and encouragement of young minds to reach out and be creative..shoot for the stars. Ozannes Art became, the gemming of an artist as a young child. In his own words: “What better thing could a child be gifted than a unique experience through their work, to be allowed to be creative...and develop personality and character via the arts...” Richard  grew up in Tucson Arizona, attended school and finished, continuing on to the University of Arizona. With attention to detail in his studies he began in music and slowly edged his studies toward something he found more creative in the studies of art. His talent and abilities were honed with special training, from within and outside the University Setting. Studying with artists, commercial artists and craftsman he undertook the discipline of fine arts...and continued. Life, as well as art...is a journey, not a destination... Since his career began Mr Ozanne has had numerous Solo (one person) and Group exhibitions of his art across the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.  He has had in retrospect more than 250 exhibitions and appearances in his career. From the 1970's through the 90's his artistic career has included travel and research on art which has to many countries of Europe as well as the rest of the world. He visited some of the worlds most remote locations where he was influenced by art and crafts of indiginous cultures, notably the art of southeast Asia and Tibet. (He visited the newly opened territory of Tibet in 1985 with special permission, and guide of the Chinese Government during a second arts based tour of China, the first being in 1982). Ozannes' artwork has a special stylistic character similar to Modernism and Expressionism in its motif and stylistic content.  There is a duality of contexts within his work which is broad ranged in formal classical abilities that sometimes approach a painterly 19th century realism.  Within his works he exposes  the drama of light and shadow, color and composition as well as warm, aluring or somewhat stark and shocking contrasts of Post Modernism as well as philosophic ideas of the most contemporary display. His work is sometimes influenced by the writings of romantic age and contemporary literature in Wolfgang Von Goethe, Fredrich Schiller, Franz Kafka, Dostyevsky, as well as other Metaphysical and Mystic Writers. Richard Ozanne works in the following media: Traditional Oil Painting, Watercolor, Pastel, Acrylics. Modified Media in Asphalt, Emulsion, Encaustic, Combined and modulated materials. Drawing, Printmaking: Lithography, Intaglio, Monotype. Hybrid Sculptural and/or Painting Material including thermoceramics,metals and Digital Electronic Media-Light/Color/Sound. Artists History: Richard Ozanne began to study art at Chautauqua Institute in 1964, soon joining the adult artist classes with Revington Arthur, partially because of his precocious abilities at a young age in areas such as drawing and perspective. Shortly before his  graduation with his BFA at the University of Arizona in 1982, he studied in Cannes France with the artist, printer and Paris stage designer Gustave Nebel, a student of Edward Vuillard and Professor Emeritus of the French Ecole d' Beaux Arts, who prepared him for the extremely intense artists tests in drawing and painting, relevant to what Nebel had gone through in the 1920’s. (Nebel was influential because he insisted the young artist Ozanne learn from the masters and study from the masters in museums, a time honored tradition among young and old artists)   Ozanne continued his artistic research entering graduate school at the University of Arizona immediately upon graduation, working in fine and commercial art under professor Jerold Bishop. Richard Ozanne had traveled extensively for the purpose of art during the late 1970’s and 80’s assisting his father Ozan Marsh pianist on world tours with his concerts, but also finding the available time to persue his own work as an artist during his travels. Ozanne had traveled the world 4 times at this point, to more than 30 countries except for Africa and South America during this time. Some of the interesting research done during this time: Travels to Andaman Islands, Burma Myanmar , Northern India-Sikkim Bhutan, Paupa New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in response to ideas and concepts relating to old methods, and tribal customs in art. Several series of paintings were developed as well as hours of film and a collection of art was developed in his travel. Richard Ozanne  was invited by the Chinese Cultural Ministry to visit the Peoples Republic of China in 1982 and was invited to attend graduate school at the Central Academy in Beijing  by artist Wu Zouren, chairman of the arts in the PRC. Richard Ozane had first solo exhibit was at the 'Hall of Fame Gallery' of the University of Arizona Memorial Union in 1982, named "Quest Through Reality" as a 23 piece exhibit of oil painting.  The young artist was provided with a scholarship for advanced graduate study the next year (1983) in New York City at the Art Students League of New York where he continued a legnthy course of study (over 4 years) with Robert Beverly Hale, David A Leffel, Thomas Fogarty Jr. , Richard Pousette D’art ,and other prominant New York Artists. He exhibited was a participant in numerous shows in New York at such galleries as Nancy Stein Gallery, the Salmagundi Club, Art Students League, and throughout Upper West Side (NYC) Artists Coalition etc (a complete list can be supplied tabulating many group exhibitions at such places as Lincoln Center Gallery and Nicholas Roerich Museum, that provided a means of public interest in art in 1980’s.) In 1984 he was prompted to continue his official graduate study towards his Masters Degree at Columbia University in New York studying with Leon Goldin while continuing to exhibit in New York in many exhibits. During the years 1986-1995 he returned to Arizona and maintained a residence in Tempe, Phoenix and Tucson, where he exhibited (in local, regional, national and international exhibitions and projects...), maintained an art studio, taught art, ran a local gallery and moved slowly towards earning his MFA Masters of Fine Arts at Arizona State University (92) as well as was involved in large commissions and international showings and appearances of his artwork. In 1987 Richard Ozanne’s work appeared in New Zealand and was contracted for a solo exhibition the next year 1988 in Christchurch at the Canturbury Society of Fine Arts Main Gallery. He then continued on to Australia, painting numerous landscapes on tour from Melbourne via caravan through Queensland and up through Cairns and Cape York. His successful exhibit at Canturbury Society of Fine Arts was filmed for a ten year running public access Television that summer into a documentary of the art of Richard Ozanne, New Zealand: Vision of American Artist Richard Ozanne. (the film in partial-low resolution for internet viewing) The artist traveled on tour through the Northern Islands as well as the cities of Aukland, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown and other cities with his art on tour by caravan producing paintings as he progressed in his travels. Some Highlights of the 1980's-90: University of Arizona, "Hall of Fame Gallery", Memorial Union 3rd Floor. Exhibition(s) at Ariel Gallery, Broom Street New York City Solo and Group Exhibitions in New York City, Chautauqua, Arizona, Australia, Italy, Hawaii and elsewhere International travel and art study abroad. Diciple Magazine, "Resurection in Art" Artical 4 pages Liturgical Commissions Manhattan International Magazine, New York City New York Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America, An Illustrated Guide to Current Art" Directors Guild Publications, 4th and 5th Edition (1989-1991) Work on Cover of ELAA, 2 pages spread- Main entry under title Artists-Biography, Art, Modern. 20th Century- ISBN 0-940899-06-X, ISBN O899-4064 Library of Congress Washington DC Catalog Number 88-652187 CSA Gallery (Canturbury Society of Fine Art) Christchurch New Zealand Exhibition and Video for Television: New Zealand Vision of American Painter Richard Ozanne, Sponsored by Tucson Community Cable Corporation and the Pianists Foundation of America New York City New York Record Jacket Commissions: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Franz Liszt Centenial (1886-1986) Recording Cover Art, VOX Cum Lauda Series- Disks-Cassette-CD, Vox Allegro, Pickwick Records Record Jacket Commission: Slovanian Symphony Orchestra, James Johnson Dimitri Kabalevsky-Robert Mucincsky Alblum. Invited to Russia 1980 for cultural tour sponsored by Ministry of Culture USSR (Commissioned for a Portrait of Distinguished Late Classical Composer Dimitri Borovitch Kabalevsky and delivered by special courier from the University of Arizona to Moscow Russia in 1986) Toured: Europe, Russia, China-Tibet, Korea etc. Numerous others- After 1992 and receiving his MFA (1992) he received an immediate  response to repeat his MFA Show in New York, exhibiting the following year under contract to Abney Galleries, 591 Broadway 3rd Floor. Ozanne continued on exhibting in New York, Arizona and other cities with exhibitions and commissions. He appeared in his New York Debut Solo Exhibition in New York City at Abney Galleries. (Listed in Art News Collectors Edition, Art in America, Cover Magazine, Talk of the Town, Manhattan Arts International, and ArtSpeak Magazines) Reviewed. After receiving several prestigious awards, including a noted prize in England for painting he was honored with the distinguished " 20th Century Award for Achievement in the Arts" his art interests took him abroad.    In 1995 his artistic career took him to Central Europe where he resided in Prague Czech Republic for seven years (1995/96-2003). In Czech Republic he gave numerous and venues in the city of Prague as well as many small towns in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2000 he was invited to live, and have his studio in the Bohemian town of Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic where he prepared a large solo exhibit in behalf of sponsors  for the Millennium, “Millennium of Exploration” City Gallery Stodola, Cesky Krumlov. During his years of artist residency in the Czech Republic he maintained his studio in Prague and taught art as well as music (piano) as well as had more official obligations in teaching as a foreign lecturer at Charles University Prague, where he taught at the Film-Media Academy FAMU-HAMU-AMU Charles University,as well as at other colleges as foreign lecturer. During this period he also taught advanced business, scientific-technical English at Polyglot International Prague CZ, and other schools, as well as privately when needed, teaching corporate executives and public officials. A few Career Highlights : Assistant Professor, Foreign Lecturer, Charles University Prague CZ, Dept of AMU, FAMU- 1997-2003 ExpoCenter, Prague Czech Republic 1998-97 Jewish Art Gallery, Prague Czech Republic 1997 Contemporary Galleries of Art, Prague Czech Republic European Arts Management, selected displays, venues and exhibits throughout Europe 1995-2003 Prague Journal of International Literature and Art, JAMA Publications Cover of Literary Magazine Franz Kafka "Meditations" and "Fire Signs"  Contemporary Art for Publisher, Ars Nova Books Prague Solo Exhibition, "Stodola Gallery", City of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (2000) Appearances and art related travels all over Europe and the world:Czech, Germany, Benalux, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland etc. -India, Kashmir, Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia, etc. Richard Ozanne continued his Residence in Europe in the city of Torino Italy (04-06) living in the city of Venaria Reale, (The Versailles of Italy at the base of the Italian Alps). His studio overlooked with a 360 view of the gigantic palace in Veneria Reale) -Link Upon arrival in Italy he began exhibiting in Torino and the nearby cities of Venaria, Mappano, Torino, Gruliasco, Leini, Asti and others. He made frequent journeys around the Piemonte to Firenze, Bologna, and other cultural places as well as travailing the magnificent countryside, through the alps and into France for inspiration and exhibition. In 2005 he was the recipiant of Grand Primo for Surrealism and Abstract art at the European International Small Format Exhibition (Piccalo Formatto 2005) via the Accademia Internazionalle Santarita (Cultural Association) and his wonderful friendship with the modern group Giallo, Rosso, Blue (GRB) in Northern Italy  which exhibited frequently around Torino. He was made an Accademico Ordinario of this group and formally opened his studio to willing art students in Veneria during his residency. In 2006 he had the prestigious honor of being elected to the 'Ordine della Michelangelo Buanarotti' as Senator after being awarded the International Grand Trophy of Art or so called 'Oscar Della Arte' at the Church of Santa Maria in Gruliasco Italy where select artists work appeared from all over the world. Formal Education: Phd,


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