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Ricci, Matteo

Born: 1552 AD
Died: 1610 AD
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1552 – Born in Macerata on the 6th of October.

1577 – He filed an application to be a member of a Missionary to India.

1578 – His journey began in March from Lisbon, Portugal.

        – He arrived in Goa, a Portuguese Colony, in September and four years later he was dispatched to China.

1582 – Ricci started learning the Chinese language and customs in Macao, a Portuguese trading post in Southern China, and became a rarely seen Western scholar who mastered Chinese classical script.

1583-1589 – Ricci stayed there before having to leave after a new viceroy decided to expel him.

         – It was in Zhaoqing, that Ricci composed the first ever map of the world in Chinese.

1595 – Further travels in China saw Ricci reach Nanjing and Nanchang, Tongzhou.

1598 – Reached Beijing on the 7th September.

1610 – Died in Beijing on the 11th of May.

3.1 (62.5%) 8 votes