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Reynaud, Paul

Born: 1878 AD
Died: 1966 AD
1.5 (30%) 2 votes

1878 – Born in Barcelonnette, France on the 15th of October.

1919 – He was first elected as part of the conservative "Blue Horizon" bloc, Reynaud shortly thereafter switched his allegiance to the center-right Alliance Démocratique party.

1920 – Reynaud developed a reputation for laxity on German reparations, at a time when many in the French government backed harsher terms for Germany.

1928 – Representing Basses-Alpes.

1930 – Reynaud held several cabinet posts.

1932 – He clashed with members of his party after  over French foreign and defense policy and was not given another cabinet position until 1938.

1938 – Reynaud returned to the cabinet as Minister of Justice under Édouard Daladier.

1946 – Reynaud was made again a member of the Chamber of Deputies.

1952-1953 – His attempts to form governments in the turbulent politics of the French Fourth Republic were failures.

1962 – Reynaud denounced his old friend de Gaulle’s attempt to eliminate the electoral college system in favor of direct vote.

1966 – Died on the 21st of September at Neuilly-sur-Seine, leaving a number of writings.


1.5 (30%) 2 votes