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Rathenau, Walther

Born: 1867 AD
Died: 1922 AD
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1867 – Born on September 29th in Berlin, Prussia. German-Jewish statesman, industrialist, and philosopher who organized Germany’s economy on a war footing during World War I and, after the war, as minister of reconstruction and foreign minister.

1989 – He studied science and philosophy at Berlin University before obtaining his doctorate.

1918 – Wrote the book, The New Economy, where he rejected state nationalization of industry but instead advocated that employees should play a greater role in the management of companies.

1921 – Karl Wirth appointed Rathenau as his minister of reconstruction.

         – He upset right-wing nationalists like Adolf Hitler by arguing that Germany should fulfill Germany’s obligations under the Treaty of Versailles.

         – Rathenau also upset German conservatives by negotiated the Treaty of Rapallo with the Soviet Union.

         – He was criticized by the leaders of the Nazi Party who claimed he was part of a Jewish-Communist conspiracy.

1922 – Walther Rathenau was assassinated by two right-wing army officers on June 24th.

2.4 (48%) 5 votes