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Ramesses II

Born: -130 AD
Died: -121 AD
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c 1303 BCE– Approximate date of the birth of Ramesses II


c1289 BCE– Appointed Prince Regent by his father Seti I and leads military campaigns against the Libyans, Syrians, and Nubians


c1281 BCE– Still Prince Regent, Ramesses II and two of his sons conduct a successful military campaign in Nubia


c1279 BCE  – Becomes the third pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty


c1277 BCE – Ramesses II wins a major battle and decisively defeats pirates who had been wreaking havoc on trading vessels along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast


c1275 BCE–  Wins a military campaign in Syria, near modern day Beirut, killing one Palestinian prince and taking several others as hostages. Exacting plunder and tribute, Ramesses II also captures the Hittite vassal state of Amurru.


c1274 BCE– Invades the powerful Hittite empire under Muwatalli II to capture Kadesh, a well fortified city that controlled access between Egypt and the region today occupied by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel. In what may have been the largest chariot battle ever fought, Ramesses forged ahead of the main body of his army and was ambushed by the Hittites south of Kadesh. He managed to rally his panic-stricken troops and achieve a great victory, according to Ramesses.  Most historians consider the battle a draw, but a strategic defeat for Egypt, which failed to capture Kadesh. Wikipedia


c1258 BCE – In the world’s earliest known peace treaty, the Hittites and Egyptians conclude a peace treaty celebrated with the marriage of Ramesses to one of the daughters of the Hittite King.


c1213 BCE – He dies after an unusually-long life span of 90 years. Succeeded by his 13th oldest son Merneptah.

     He is considered one of the greatest and most powerful pharaohs in Egyptian history. In addition to his military achievements, his reign is marked by some of the most massive building projects in Egyptian history. He also left a country at its peak in prosperity and power.

3.4 (67.04%) 216 votes