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Raeburn, Henry, Sir

Born: 1756 AD
Died: 1823 AD
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1756 – Born at Stockbridge 0n the 4th of March.  

1772 – He was apprenticed to the jeweller James Gilliland but began painting water-colour miniatures of his friends.

1778 – He married a wealthy widow of independent means, whose dowry permitted him to devote himself entirely to painting.

1784 – He travelled to London where he met Sir Joshua Reynolds whose style was to exert a great influence upon him.

1787 – He returned to Edinburgh, and began a successful career as a portrait-painter. In that year he executed a seated portrait of the second Lord President Dundas.

1812 – He was elected president of the Society of Artists in Edinburgh.

1814 – Associate, and in the following year full member of the Royal Scottish Academy.

1815 – His reputation spread beyond Edinburgh and he became a member of the Royal Academy.

1822 – He was knighted by George IV and appointed His Majesty’s limner for Scotland.

1823 – He died at Edinburgh on the 8th of July.

2.4 (47.27%) 22 votes