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Qutugtu Khan

Born: 1300 AD
Died: 1329 AD
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1320 – Khutughtu Khan was born Küsala was the 12th grand-khan of the Mongol Empire.

He was the eldest son of Khayishan Külüg Khan.

1311 – Dagi, Temüder and other members of the Khunggirad faction installed Ayurbarwada’s son Shidibala instead of Kuœala because his mother came from the Ikires clan, not the Khunggirad clan.

Relegated to Yunnan but fled to Esen Bukha-ruled Chaghatai Ulus in Central Asia after a failed revolt in Shaanxi.

1328 – Yesün Temür Khan died, a civil war was broke out between Shangdu-based Ragibagh and Dadu-based Tugh Temür.

         – Kuœala, with the support from Chaghadaid princes, entered Mongolia and got support from princes and generals of Mongolia.

1329 – El Temür brought the imperial seal to Kuœala in Mongolia.


         – Kuœala ascended to the throne in the north of Khara Khorum and Tugh Temür became Crown Prince.


         – Met with Tugh Temür in Ongghuchad near Shangdu in the eight month, suddenly died only 4 days after a banquet with Tugh Temür.

2.7 (54.71%) 34 votes