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Quinn, Anthony Rudolph Oaxaca

Born: 1915 AD
Currently alive, at 103 years of age.
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US (Mexican-born) actor


starred in movies "Viva Zapata!" 1952 (as Eufemio), "La Strada" 1954 (as Zampano), "Lust for Life" 1956 (as Paul Gauguin), "The Guns of Navarone" 1961 (as Andrea Stavros), "Zorba the Greek" 1964 (as Zorba), "Jungle Fever" 1991 (as Lou Carbone), "Last Action Hero" 1993 (as Tony Vivaldi), "A Walk in the Clouds" 1995 (as Don Pedro)


wrote memoir "One Man Tango" 1995


son-in-law of Cecil B. DeMille 1936-1963

2.3 (45%) 8 votes