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Quaid, Dennis William

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 63 years of age.

US movie actor


starred in movies "Breaking Away" 1979 (as Mike), "The Right Stuff" 1983 (as Gordon Cooper), "Dreamscape" 1984 (as Alex Gardner), "Enemy Mine" 1985 (as Davidge), "Innerspace" 1987 (as Lt. Tuck Pendleton), "The Big Easy" 1987 (as Remy McSwain), "D.O.A." 1988 (as Dexter Cornell), "Great Balls of Fire!" 1989 (as Jerry Lee Lewis), "Postcards from the Edge" 1990 (as Jack Faulkner), "Wyatt Earp" 1994 (as Doc Holliday), "Dragonheart" 1996 (as Bowen), "Savior" 1998 (as Guy)


brother of Randy Quaid


husband of Meg Ryan 1991 (divorced)