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Putnam, Rufus

Born: 1738 AD
Died: 1824 AD
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1738 – Born in Sutton, Massachusetts on the 9th of April.

1757-1760 – During the war, Putnam saw action in the Great Lakes region, near Lake Champlain.

1761 – He worked as a millwright.

1769 – Putnam left his occupation as a millwright and became a farmer and surveyor.

1773 – Rufus Putnam, along with Israel Putnam and two others, traveled to near present-day Pensacola, Florida.

1775 – Putnam immediately enlisted the same day, on the 9th of April, in one of Massachusett’s first revolutionary regiments.

1776 – He was soon promoted to engineer with the rank of colonel; however when Congress rejected his proposition to establish a corp of engineers in December, Putnam resigned.

1778 – Putnam also constructed crucial fortifications, including Fort Putnam at West Point.

1779 – Putnam served under Major General Anthony Wayne after the capture of Stony Point.

1780 – He had bought a confiscated farm, and returned to reside upon it. Putnam returned to working as a surveyor, inspecting lands in Maine

1783 – Putnam’s remaining military career was rather uneventful. In January, he was commissioned as brigadier general.

1788 – Putnam led a group of Revolutionary veterans to settle the land.

1796 – Putnam was appointed as the first Surveyor General of the United States, a position he held until 1803.

1824 – Died on the 4th of May.

2.8 (55.56%) 9 votes