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Pulaski, Casimir

Born: 1748 AD
Died: 1779 AD
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1746 – Born on the 4th of March,  in Winiary, near Warka. 1762 – He started his career as a page of Charles Christian Wettin, duke of Courland and a vassal of the Polish king. However, soon after his arrival at Mitau, the ducal court was expelled from the palaces by the Russian forces occupying the area. 1764 – He took part in the election of the new Polish monarch, Stanis¬≥aw August. 1768 – He became one of the co-founders of the Bar Confederation, together with his father, on the 29th of February. 1769 – He was again besieged by numerically superior forces, this time in the old fortress of Okopy Zwi tej Trójcy. 1770-1771 – He commanded the Polish forces in the siege of Jasna Góra monastery, which he successfully defended.          – In November, he was also the main organizer of an attempt to take the king hostage. However, the attempt failed, and the Confederation was disbanded soon afterwards.          – He fled the country, but no European state accepted him. After a brief stay in Turkey, he moved illegally to France, where he was recruited by Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette for service in America. 1779 – On the 9th of October, PuBaski  during a cavalry charge, while probing for a weak point in the British lines at the Battle of Savannah  was wounded in the groin by grapeshot. He was carried from the field by several comrades, including Colonel John C. Cooper, and taken aboard the privateer merchant brigantine Wasp.          – On the 11th of October, Two days later, without having regained consciousness, he died of his wounds.

2.9 (57.31%) 119 votes