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Proudhon, Pierre Joseph

Born: 1809 AD
Died: 1865 AD
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1809 – Born in Besançon on the 15th of January.

1838 – He obtained the pension Suard, a bursary of 1500 francs a year for three years, for the encouragement of young men of promise, which was in the gift of the Academy of Besançon.

1839 – He wrote a treatise L’Utilité de la célébration du dimanche, which contained the germs of his revolutionary ideas.

1848-1852 – Proudhon made his biggest impact on the public through his journalism.

         – Proudhon was surprised by the Revolution.

         – Proudhon stood for the constituent assembly in April, but failed to get elected, although his name appeared on the ballots in Paris, Lyon, Besançon, and Lille.

         – He was shocked by the violence of the June Days Uprising, provoked by the closing of the National Workshops .

         – He disapproved of the revolts and demonstrations of February, May, and June, though sympathetic to the social and psychological injustices that the insurrectionaries had been forced to endure.

1865 – Died on the 19th of January and he is buried in Paris.

2.4 (47.41%) 27 votes