da Silva, Luis Inacio Lula

Born: Oct 27, 1945 AD
Currently alive, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: Brazilian
Categories: Labor Leader, Politician

1945 - Born Luiz Inácio da Silva on 27th of October.


1956 - His family relocated to the city of São Paulo, which offered greater opportunities.


1957 - His professional life began at age 12 as a shoeshine boy and street vendor.


1959 - At the age 14 he got his first formal job in a copper processing factory.


1964 - At age 19, he lost a finger in an accident while working as a press operator in an automobile parts factory.


1969 - Married Maria de Lourdes, who died together with their son while giving birth.


1974 - He re-married to Marisa, with whom he had three sons.


2003 - Lula was elected as President of Brazil and took office on 1st of January.


2006 - On 29th of October, Lula was re-elected as President of Brazil until January 1, 2011.




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