Zawahiri, Ayman al-

Born: Jun 19, 1951 AD
Currently alive, at 64 years of age.

Nationality: Egyptian
Categories: Political Leader

1951 - Zawahiri, Ayman al is born in June 19 in Maadi , Cairo Egypt.


1974 - Graduated in Cairo University in which he studied Psychology and Pharmacology.


1978- Acquired Masters Degree in Surgery.


1979 - Impelled into much more radical Islamic Jihad and became one of its leading organizers and recruiters.


1980 - Jaunted in Afghanistan to participate in the mujahideen then he met Osama Bin Laden.


1996- Detained in Russia by the FSB and considered a terrorist.


1997- Liable for the massacre of 62 foreign tourist in Luxor.


1998- Published a “World Islamic Front Against Jews and Crusaders” and Knights Under the Prophet's Banner.” He formally merged Egyptian Islamic Jihad into al-Qaeda


1999 - Sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian military tribunal for Luxor Massacre.


2001- Included on FBI’s top 22 Most Wanted Terrorist.


2006 - CIA launched an airstrike in Pakistan in which they confirmed that al-Zawahiri was their target but released video shows him unhurt.


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