Zapolya, John Sigismund

Born: 1540 AD
Died: 1571 AD, at 31 years of age.

Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Prince

1540 – On his father’s death, as an infant he was crowned as the new King of Hungary.


1541 – Sultan Sulayman I invaded Hungary on the excuse of protecting John’s interest. John and her mother Isabel received the principality of Transylvania with a monk named George Martinuzzi as his guardian.


1551 - Transylvania was reunited once again with Hungary. The deposition of John and Isabel was acquired by Martinuzzi, distinguishing Ferdinand as the king who had him assassinated.


1556 – The diet of Transylvania was recalled on the force of Sulayman.


1562 – John was recognized as the ruler of Transylvania right after Ferdinand made peace with Sulayman, but Hungary remain divided into three states.


1564 - It was under John II that the Transylvanian diet adopted. His successor as the prince of Transylvania was Stephen Báthory, with Calvanism as the state of religion.

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