Walesa, Lech

Born: Sep 28, 1943 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.

Nationality: Polish
Categories: Activists, Presidents

1943 - Born on September 29th in Popowo, Dobrzyn, Poland. The President of Poland.

1961 - After graduating from vocational school, he worked as a car mechanic at a machine center.

1967 - He served in the army for two years, rose to the rank of corporal, and was employed in the Gdansk shipyards as an electrician.

1969 - Married to Miroslawa Danuta Golos on September 8th.

1970 - During the clash in December between the workers and the government, he was one of the leaders of the shipyard workers and was briefly detained.

1978 - With other activists he began to organise free non-communist trade unions and took part in many actions on the sea coast. He was kept under surveillance by the state security service and frequently detained.

1980 - Co-founder and chairman of Solidarity labor movement.

1981 - He was Time Magazines' Man of the Year.

         - He was elected Solidarity Chairman at the First National Solidarity Congress in Gdansk.

1983 - Won a Nobel Peace Prize.

1987 - He wrote autobiography "Le Chemin d'espoir".

1988 - Appeared in the film Moonwalker.

1989 - He became the third person in history, after the Marquis de Lafayette and Winston Churchill, to address a joint session of the United States Congress.

1990 - He became the president of Poland.

         - At Solidarity's second national congress, Walesa was elected chairman with 77.5% of the votes. In December in a general ballot he was elected President of the Republic of Poland.
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