Vlad the Impaler

Born: 1431? AD
Died: 1476? AD.

Nationality: Romanian
Categories: Prince

Transylvanian prince of Wallachia.


1431 - Born in the city of Sighișoara in Transylvania, during the winter.


1447 -  Vlad's father was assassinated in the marshes near Bălteni.


1448 - Became the Prince (voivode) of Wallachia, a former polity which is now part of Romania.


1451 - Fled to Moldavia and was put under the protection of his uncle, Bogdan II.


1475 - Vlad and voivode Stephen Báthory of Transylvania invaded Wallachia with a mixed force of Transylvanians.


Probable source of Dracula vampire legend.




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