Valdivia, Pedro de

Born: 1498 AD
Died: 1554 AD, at 56 years of age.

Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Politician

1498 - Born in Badajoz, Spain. The conqueror and governor of Chile for Spain and founder of the cities of Santiago and Concepción.

1520 - He joined the army of Charles V.

1534 - Valdivia served with distinction in the Spanish army in Italy and Flanders before being sent to South America.

1538 - During the Peruvian civil war, he fought with Francisco Pizarro against Diego de Almagro.

1540 - He commanded the expedition to Chile, and founded Santiago and other cities.

1554 - Died on January 1st in Tucapel, Viceroyalty of Peru (Chile).
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