Richard Turpin

Born: Sep 21, 1705 AD
Died: 1739 AD, at 33 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: None

1705 - Born in Hempstead in Essex on the 21st of September.

1728 - Turpin married his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth Millington at the age of 21, and after he finished his apprenticeship they moved north to Buckhurst Hill,

1735 - In March, Turpin, along with the Gregory brothers attacked the Earl of Suffolk's servant in Epping Forest and took from him his horse valued at £80 (this in a time where horses were a more valued commodity than gold).

         - Turpin's first kill was probably a man named Thomas Morris, whom he killed on 4 May. Morris was a servant of Henry Thomson, one of the keepers of Epping Forest, and during a routine walkabout of the forest Morris accidentally came across Turpin at Fairmead Bottom, near Loughton. Morris tried to apprehend him but was immediately shot by Turpin.

1735 - He had achieved such notoriety that another bounty of 100 was placed on his head  a reward which was to transform him from a common footpad into a murderer.

1739 - On the 7th of April, Dick Turpin rode through the streets of York in an open cart, being theatrical and bowing to the gawking crowds. At York Knavesmire he climbed the ladder to the gibbet and then sat for half an hour addressing the crowd in the manner of an entertainer, chatting to the guards and the executioner.

         - Died in York, North Yorkshire, England.
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