Tryon, William

Born: Jan 27, 1729 AD
Died: 1788 AD, at 58 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Administrator, General

1729 - Born at Norbury Park, Surrey, England on the 27th of January.

1757 - He was a captain in the First Foot Guards.

1764 - He was appointed Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. When Governor Arthur Dobbs died the following year.

1771 - Tryon was Governor of the colony of New York.

1775 - He was on a visit to England, the American Revolutionary War began.

         - On the 19th of October, several months after his return, Tryon was compelled to seek refuge on the British sloop-of-war Halifax in New York Harbor.

1776 - He was restored to power when the British took possession of New York in September.

1777 - British administration ended, but an unofficial loyalist underground movement was led by James Robertson and Andrew Elliot.

         - Tryon was given the rank of major-general and a command position in the British Army.

1779 - He commanded a series of raids on the Connecticut coast, attacking New Haven, Fairfield, and Norwalk, burning most of Fairfield and Norwalk.

1780 - Tryon returned to England.

1782 - He was promoted to lieutenant-general and to the colonelcy of the 29th Regiment of Foot.

1788 - Died in London just five years the treaty ending the American Revolution.

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