Titus Flavius Vespasianus

Born: Dec 30, 039 AD
Died: 081 AD, at 41 years of age.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Emperor

70 BC - Titus was a successful general who crushed the Jewish Rebellion.


61 BC - 63 BC - He was the military tribune in Britannia and Germania.


64 BC - He returned to Rome and married Arrecina Tertulla, daughter of a former commander of the Praetorian guard.


65 BC - TItus took fright at the failed Pisonian conspiracy.


67 BC - He accompanied Vespasian to the east.


70 BC - Returned to Rome to claim the throne, leaving Titus behind to end the rebellionHe did in 70 with four legions.


71 BC - He was awarded a triumph upon his return to Rome.


79 BC - He succeeded his father as Emperor.


81 BC - Titus died on the 13th of September.

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