Tillotson, John

Born: Oct, 1630 AD
Died: 1694 AD, at 64 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Archbishops

1630 - Born in October.

1647 - He entered as a pensioner of Clare Hall, Cambridge.

1650-1651 - Graduated and was made fellow of his college.

1656 - He became tutor to the son of Edmond Prideaux, attorney-general to Oliver Cromwell.

1661 - He was ordained without subscription by Thomas Sydserf, a Scottish bishop.

1662 - Tillotson was present at the Savoy Conference and remained identified with the Presbyterians till, the passing of the Act of Uniformity.

1663 - He published a characteristic sermon on "The Wisdom of being Religious.

1664 - He became preacher at Lincoln's Inn.

1670 - He became prebendary.

1672 - Dean of Canterbury.

1675 - He edited John Wilkins's Principles of Natural Religion.

1689 - He possessed the special confidence of William and Mary, and was made clerk of the closet to the king in March.

1691 - He was elected to succeed Sancroft; but accepted the promotion with extreme reluctance, and it was deferred from time to time, at his request.

1693 - He published four lectures on the Socinian controversy.

1694 - Died on the 22nd of November.

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