Szechenyi, Istvan, Count

Born: Sep 21, 1791 AD
Died: 1860 AD, at 68 years of age.

Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Military Officer, Politician, Writers

Hungarian politician, theorist and writer, and army officer.


1791 - Born on the 21st of September in Vienna.


Joined the Austrian army and participated in the Napoleonic wars.


1825 - Donated the full annual income of his estates for the establishment of the Hungarian Academy of Science.


1826 - He left the service as a first lieutenant and turned his interest towards politics.


1827 - Organized the Nemzeti Kaszinó, a forum for the patriotic Hungarian nobility. The "Kaszinò" had an important role in the reform movement by providing an institute for political dialogues.


1830 - Wrote the Hitel (The Credit, 1830), the Világ (Light, 1831), and the Stádium (1833), addressed the Hungarian nobility.


1836 - Zéchenyi married Countess Crescence Seilern in Buda.


1860 - He commit suicide on the night of 8th of April.



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