Suleiman the Magnificent

Born: Nov 06, 1496? AD
Died: 1566 AD.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Sultan

1494 - Born in Trabzon on the 6th of November.


1522 - Suleiman dispatched an armada of some four hundred ships whilst personally leading an army of 100,000 across Asia Minor to a point opposite the island.


1526 - Hungary and the Ottoman Empire deteriorated, Suleiman resumed his campaign in Eastern Europe and on the 26th of August.


1516-1526 - He defeated Louis II of Hungary at the Battle of Mohács.


1533 - Suleiman ordered his Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha to lead an army into Asia where he retook Bitlis and occupied Tabriz without resistance.


1534 - Joined Ibrahim, Suleiman made a push towards Persia, only to find the Shah sacrificing territory instead of facing a pitched battle, resorting to a harassment of the Ottoman army as it proceeded along the harsh interior.


1548-1549 - Suleiman embarked upon a second campaign.


1553 - Suleiman began his third and final campaign against the Shah.


1554 - A settlement was signed which was to conclude Suleiman's


1566 - Died on the 5th of September.

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