Suchocka, Hanna

Born: Apr 03, 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: Polish
Categories: Politician

1946 - Born on the 3rd of April 1946 in Pleszew Poland.

1980 - She was a member of the Polish Sejm.

1992-1993 - She served as the prime minister of Poland between 11th of July and 26th of October under the presidency of Lech WaBsa.

         - Became Prime Minister.

         - She served as an anomaly in the representation of women, however, as she partly obtained her position due to her affability to both sides of the political spectrum.

1994 - Member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences in the Vatican, appointed by Pope John Paul II on the 19th of January.

2001 - Serving as Poland's Ambassador to the Holy See.

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