Stoiber, Edmund

Born: Sep 27, 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 73 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Political Leader, Politician, Representative

1941 - Edmund Stoiber, born on the 28th of September in Oberaudorf in the district of Rosenheim, Bavaria. He is a German politician, currently minister-president of the state of Bavaria and chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU).

1961 - Attended the Ignaz-Günther-Gymnasium in Rosenheim, where he received his Abitur (high school diploma).

1962 - Following his military service, he studied political science and then, in the fall in Munich, law.

1967 - He passed the state law exam and then worked at the University of Regensburg in criminal law and Eastern European law.

1971 - He was awarded a doctorate of jurisprudence, and then passed the second state examination with distinction.

1974 - Entered politics and serving in the Bavarian parliament, he was a lawyer and worked at the University of Regensburg.

1978 - 1983 - Elected secretary general of the CSU.

1982 - 1988 - He served as deputy to the Bavarian secretary of the state and then as minister of state.

1988 - 1993 - He served as Minister of the Interior.

1993 - In May, the Bavarian Landtag (parliament) elected him as minister-president succeeding Max Streibl.

1998 - He also succeeded Theo Waigel as chairman of the CSU.

2002 - Politically out-maneuvered the leader of the CDU, Angela Merkel and was elected the CDU/CSU's candidate for the office of chancellor, challenging Gerhard Schröder.

2005 - He was slated to join Angela Merkel's cabinet as Economics minister.

2007 - He announced his decision to stand down from the posts of minister-president and party chairman by September, after having been under fire in his own party for weeks.

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