Stael, Madame de

Born: Apr 22, 1766 AD
Died: 1817 AD, at 51 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Authors

1766 - Born in Paris, France on the 22nd of April.

1785 - Returned to Paris, or at least to its neighborhood and Mlle Necker resumed literary work of a miscellaneous kind.

1786 - A singular series of negotiations, however, secured from the king of Sweden a promise of the ambassadorship for twelve years and a pension in case of its withdrawal, and the marriage took place on the 14th of January.

1786 - Novel, Sophie.

1788 - She appeared as an author under her own name with some Lettres sur J. J. Rousseau, a fervid panegyric which demonstrated evident talent but little in the way of critical discernment.

1790 - A tragedy, Jeanne Grey.

1793 - She made a visit of some length to England, and established herself at Juniper Hall, Mickleham in Surrey as the centre of the Moderate Liberal emigrants: Talleyrand, Narbonne, Montmorency, Jaucourt and others.

1796 - She also published several small works, the chief being an essay Sur l'influence des passions.

1797 - She, as above mentioned, separated formally from her husband.

1800 - Sur la litérature considéré dans ses rapports avec les institutions sociales.

1817 - Died on the 14th of July.

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