Chowdhury, Robindro Shaunkar

Born: Apr 07, 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 95 years of age.

Nationality: Indian
Categories: Composers, Musicians

1920 - Born on April 7th in Varanasi, West Bengal, India. Ravi Shankar is a world-renowned musician, composer, performer, and scholar of classical Indian music. He is one of the leading cultural figures of the twentieth century whose accomplishments place him as the leading figure of an important musical tradition.

1930 - He moved to Paris and received most of his education there.

1932 - From the age of 12, he performed as a musician and dancer on tour in Europe and America with his brother Uday Shankar.

1939 - Had his first concert as soloist at a music conference in Allahabad.

1945 - Shankar's reputation as the leading performer of traditional Hindustani music on the sitar had coalesced. He began to branch out as a composer, writing music for ballet and for important films such as such as Dharti Ke Lal and Neecha Nagar.

         - He also composed the song Sare Jahan Se Accha, which is the most widely known piece of music in India, second only to the national anthem.

1950-1955 - A particularly intense period of compositional activity, most notably in the internationally-acclaimed film studios of Calcutta, where he scored The Ray Triology.

1962 - For his outstanding contribution to Indian music and culture, he received his first of five Presidential Awards, India's highest honor in the arts.

         - His preeminence as one of the world's leading serious musicians was augmented with wide popular success. George Harrison of The Beatles developed a deep, abiding interest in Hindustani music, and began to study with Shankar. One influence of this study can be heard in his song Within You, Without You.

1966-1972 - Appeared as an actor in the films Chappaqua, Monterey Pop and The Concert for Bangladesh.

1988 - Married to Sukanya Ranjan.

1998 - Awarded the Polar Music Prize, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music Award.

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