Sella, Quintino

Born: Jul 07, 1827 AD
Died: 1884 AD, at 56 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Politician

1827 - Born on the 7th of July in Mosso, near Biella, Piedmont.

1860 - He was elected to the Piedmontese Chamber of Deputies.

1862 - He briefly served as finance minister of the newly unified Italy.

1866 - His solution, a tax on the milling of grain, was at first resisted, and he himself was forced to resign.

1869 - His third term as finance minister.

1870 - The French garrison had been withdrawn from Rome on account of the demands of the Franco-German War, it was Sella who persuaded King Victor Emmanuel II to seize the city as the national capital.

1884 - Died on the 14th of March in Biella.
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