Sampaio, Jorge Fernando Branco de

Born: Sep 18, 1939 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Presidents

1939 - Born on the 18th of September in
Lisbon, Portugal.

1961 - He earned his Doctor of Law degree in University of Lisbon.

       - He started his career as a Lawyer, often involved in the defense of many political prisoners in Portugal.

1978 - He joined the Socialist Party (a political party in Portugal).

1979 - He was elected as a Deputy for Lisbon in the Portuguese National Parliament.

1984 - He became a member of the European Commission for Human Rights.

1986 - He became President of Socialist Party.

1989 - He was elected as Mayor of Lisbon, Portugal.

1993 - He was re-elected as Mayor of Lisbon, Portugal.

1996 - On the 14th of January, he was elected as a President of Portugal.

2001 - He was re-elected as a President of Portugal.
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