Salzmann, Siegmund

Born: Sep 06, 1869 AD
Died: 1945 AD, at 76 years of age.

Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Critics, Novelists

1869 - Born on September 6th in Budapest. Austrian novelist and journalist, author of the children's classic and adult allegory Bambi, a sensitively told subjective story of the life of a wild deer.

1877 - A journalist at 18, he became an influential theatre critic.

1923 - Bambi, the book that brought him international fame, is a realistic, although anthropomorphized, account of a deer from his birth to his final role as a wise and tough old denizen of the forest, struggling with dignity to survive against his chief enemy, man the hunter.

1934 - Salten published another popular children's book, Florian, the Emperor's Stallion, the tale of a proud Lipizzaner horse who is reduced to pulling a cab after World War I.

1939 - He lived in Vienna, as a Jew, but he was forced to flee. He then settled in Switzerland.

1945 - Died on October 8th in Zurich.
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