Saito, Makoto, Viscount

Born: Oct 27, 1858 AD
Died: 1936 AD, at 77 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Prime Ministers

1858 - Born on the 27th of October in
Mizusawa, Japan.

1879 - He graduated from the 6th class Imperial Japanese Naval Academy.

1884 - He went to  United States to study as a Military Attaché.

1888 - He he served as a member of the Navy General Staff Office.

1894 - He served as Captain during the First Sino–Japanese War.

1900 - He was promoted Rear Admiral.

1904 - He served as a Vice Navy Minister at the start of the Russo–Japanese War.

1912 - He was promoted as Admiral.

1914 - He was forced to resign from his post as an Admiral.

1919 - He became the fourth Japanese Governor-General of Korea.

1932 - On the 26th of May, he became 30th Prime Minister of Japan.

1936 - On the 26th of February, he was assassinated.

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