Irene Noblette

Born: Oct 17, 1903 AD
Died: 1973 AD, at 69 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actresses

1902 - Born in El Paso, Texas on the 17th of October.

1941 - Her first feature-length movie appearance was a bit part in the romantic comedy, Unfinished Business, which starred Irene Dunne, Robert Montgomery, and Preston Foster.

1943 - Ann Miller musical, Reveille with Beverly, she had another small part, notable only in that it was her first time working with her ex-husband Tim since their divorce.


- Her first starring big-screen role was with her Tim and Ann Corio, in Sarong Girl later.

1944 - Tim, Irene, and Corio teamed up again, along with Charles Butterworth, in the Arthur Dreifuss film The Sultan's Daughter.

         - Tim and Irene were paired again, along with Dona Drake and Robert Lowery in another musical comedy, Hot Rhythm.


1948-1950 - She later performed on NBC Radio's "The Bob Hope Show".

1962 - The Beverly Hillbillies debut brought many new fans, as the show jumped to #1 in the USA in three weeks, a feat not since matched.

1973 - Died on the 26th of April. 

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