Ryan, Hermine

Born: Jul 16, 1919 AD
Died: 1999 AD, at 79 years of age.

Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Felon

Austrian Nazi concentration camp guard and Nazi war criminal.


1919 - Born on the 16th of July in Vienna, Austria.


1939 - Picked from her job at a Heinkel aircraft plant in Berlin and sent to be trained at Ravensbrück concentration camp near Berlin.


1942-1944 - She was transferred to the Majdanek death and concentration camp outside Lublin, Poland.


        - Promoted to assistant wardress under Oberaufseherin Elsa Erich along with five other women.

Killed many further women by stomping on them, earning her the nickname "The Stomping Mare."


1944 - Ordered back to Ravensbrück as Majdanek began evacuations and was promoted to head of a work detail and in late 1944 she was promoted to supervising wardress at the Genthin subcamp of Ravensbrück, located outside Berlin.


1945 - Braunsteiner fled the camp ahead of the Soviet Red Army.


1946 - Arrested by an Austrian court.


1947 - Imprisoned until 18th of April.


1848 - She was again arrested on 7th of April for assassination, infanticide and manslaughter at Ravensbrück.


1949 - Once again released on 22nd of November.


1963 - Immigrated to US (naturalized US citizen 1963).


1971 - Stripped of US citizenship for concealing criminal record from immigration authorities.


1973 - Expelled from US to West Germany (1st current or former US citizen extradited for war crimes).


1980 - Given a life sentence for her sadistic acts at the Majdanek camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.


1999 - Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan died on 19th of April due to the complications of diabetes.





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