Rogers, John

Born: Jan 11, 1630 AD
Died: 1684 AD, at 54 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Director, Educators, Lecturer, Professors, Teacher

1630 - John Rogers born on the 11th of January. He was an early American academic. A resident of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Rogers practiced medicine and assisted his brother-in-law William Hubbard in the ministry, despite neither having been ordained as a minister or trained as a physician

1649 - 1652 - He was educated at Harvard College graduating with a B.A., and a M.A.

1682 - He was appointed President of Harvard; but this position he held for only two years before suddenly dying at the age of 54.
1682 - 1684 - Term as the President of Harvard University.

1684 - Died on the 12th of July on his office in Harvard.

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