Robinson, John

Born: 1576? AD
Died: 1625 AD.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Pastors

1576 – He was born this year.


1592 – He entered Cambridge.


1597 – He received fellowship and was ordained in this year. Soon thereafter he became curate of a church at Norwich.


1606 - He was a member of the group of separatists at Gainsborough and a little later was in the company of the separatists gathered around William Brewster at Scrooby.


1608 - He became their pastor and was a leader in the removal (1608) of the Scrooby group to Amsterdam.


1609 – He and his flock moved to Leiden, where they set up a church.


1620 - Robinson actively encouraged the projected emigration to America and would have accompanied the Pilgrims had the majority of his congregation gone; with their settlement at Plymouth, Congregationalism was founded in the New World.


1625 – He passed away this year.












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