Richard Perkins Starkey (Ringo)

Born: Jul 07, 1940 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Actors, Drummer, Musicians

1940 - Richard Starkey was born on July 7 in The Dingle, Liverpool, England.


1950's - His parents got tired of hearing him playing drum sticks on furniture so they bought him a Drum Kit.


1957 - He started his own group called The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group with Eddie Miles.


1959 - He joined the Raving Texans. This is the time when he got the nickname Ringo because of the rings he wore. He got the last name Starr so that his drum solos could be billed as "Starr Time."


1960 - Ringo first met the Beatles in Hamburg in October while performing.


1962 - He joined the Beatles on August 18.


1963 - The Beatles manager buys Ringo a new Ludwig Drum kit, that he uses on

all of the Beatles hits, from 1963-1968.


1964 - The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, three February appearances


1964 - His health problems caused him to miss three quarters of the tour of Scandinavia to have his tonsils out.


1965 - Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox on the 11th of February and Zak Starkey is born the 13th of September.


1967 - On the 19th of August, Maureen and Ringo's second son Jason is born.


1969 - On the 27th of October Ringo Starr began recording his first solo album at the Abbey Road studios. The movie The Magic Christian is released in the UK, Ringo co-stars with Peter Sellers.


1970 - Maureen and Ringo have a daughter.


1971 - He started a furniture company with designer Robin Cruikshank. Starr's own avant-garde designs included a flower-shaped table with adjustable petal seats and a donut-shaped fireplace


1981- Ringo marries actress Barbara Bach


1989-2000's- Ringo tours with his band, Ringo And The All Starrs, (The All Starrs are, musicians from various well known bands).


1996 - Starr appeared in a Japanese advertisement for apple juice; 'ringo' is Japanese for 'apple'.


2001 - Starr and Harrison were both guest musicians on the Electric Light Orchestra's album Zoom, playing on two tracks each. On November George Harrison passed away of cancer.


2002 - He was inducted into the Percussive Hall of Fame, which includes Buddy Rich and William F. Ludwig, Sr. and his son.



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