Ressler, Robert K.

Born: 1937 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Law Enforcer

1937 - Ressler Rob was born.

1970 - He served in the US Army before joining the FBI.

1980 - Ressler helped to organize the interviews of thirty-six incarcerated serial killers in order to find parallels between such criminal's backgrounds and motives.

         - This consists of a centralized computer database of information on unsolved homicides.

1990 - Ressler retired from the FBI and is the author of a number of books about serial murder.

1993 - He was brought in to London to assist in the investigation into the murders committed by Colin Ireland.

         - John E. Douglas, whom Ressler was a mentor to at the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, as well as a colleague and friend.
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