Rennie D'Souza

Born: 1959 AD
Currently alive, at 56 years of age.

Nationality: Australian
Categories: Lecturer, Physicians, Researchers

1984 - Received MBBS degree from Dow Medical College, Karachi. 


1990 - Received MSC from the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston. 


1997 -  Was awarded PhD from the Australian National University, Canberra. 


2008 - retired as Fellow at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at The Australian National University. 


2003 - Published D'Souza RM, Strazdins L, Lim L, Broom D, Rodgers B. Work and Health in Contemporary Society: Demands, Control and Insecurity.1


2004 - The journal Work and Stress accepted her paper on the 23rd of August.  Parslow RA, Jorm AF, Christensen H, Rodgers B, Strazdins L, D'Souza RM. A comparison of the effects of work stress on the mental health of organisationally employed and self-employed workers: Analysis from a community sample.


-      Parslow RA, Jorm AF, Christensen H, Broom DH, Strazdins L, D'Souza RM. The impact of employee level and work stress on mental health and GP service use: an analysis of a sample of Australian government employees.2


-      Strazdins L, D'Souza RM, Lim L, Broom D, Rodgers B. Job Strain and Health: Rethinking the Relationship.3


-      D'Souza RM. Should Vitamin A be used for the treatment of Measles: Is there any doubt? and D'Souza RM, Becker N, Hall G, Moodie KBA. Does ambient temperature affect foodborne disease?4


2005 - Published D'Souza RM, Butler T, Petrovsky. Assessment of cardiovascular disease risk factors and diabetes mellitus in Australian prisons: is the prisoner population unhealthier than the rest of the Australian population?5


        - D'Souza RM, Strazdins L, Clements MS, Broom DH, Parslow R, Rodgers B. The health effects of jobs: status, working conditions or both?6


2006 - Published Broom DH, D'Souza RM, Strazdins L, Butterworth, P, Parslow R, Rogders B. The lesser evil: bad jobs or unemployment? A survey of mid-aged Australians7; and D'Souza RM, Strazdins L, Broom DH, Rogders B, Berry H. Work demands, job insecurity and sickness absence from work. How productive is the new, flexible labour force?8




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