Redford, [Charles] Robert Jr.

Born: 1937 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Actors

US movie actor and director


starred in movies "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" 1969 (as the Sundance Kid), "The Way We Were" 1973 (as Hubbell Gardner), "The Sting" 1973 (as Johnny Hooker), "The Great Gatsby" 1974 (as Jay Gatsby), "Three Days of the Condor" 1975 (as Turner), "All the President's Men" 1976 (as Bob Woodward), "A Bridge Too Far" 1977 (as Maj. Cook), "The Natural" 1984 (as Roy Hobbs), "Out of Africa" 1985 (as Denys Finch Hatton), "Legal Eagles" 1986 (as Tom Logan), "Sneakers" 1992 (as Martin Bishop, orig. Martin Brice), "Indecent Proposal" 1993 (as John Gage), "Up Close and Personal" 1996 (as Warren Justice), directed movies "Ordinary People" 1980, "A River Runs Through It" 1992, "Quiz Show" 1994, directed and starred in movie "The Horse Whisperer" 1998 (as Tom Booker)


acquired US Film Festival 1985 and renamed it Sundance Film Festival

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