Reasoner, Harry

Born: Apr 17, 1923 AD
Died: 1991 AD, at 68 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Correspondents, Journalist, Reporters

US broadcast journalist. For over 40 years, commentator and journalist Harry Reasoner was one of American network television's most respected and trusted figures.



1923 - Apr 17-  Dakota City, Iowa




1939-1940? - West High School, Minneapolis, MN



1940s - Stanford University - University of Minnesota



1943-46 - US Army  (drafted, WWII)



1940s-50s - He began his career working in newspapers as a reporter and a drama critic.



           - He married twice, with first wife they had 5 daughters and 2 sons.



1956-1970 - He became a member of the CBS television news team.



1968 - He joins the 60 Minutes team



1970-1976 - Reasoner joined ABC as co-anchor with Howard K. Smith (himself a CBS alumnus) of

the ABC Evening News.



1976-1978 - He then became a co-anchor of the ABC Evening News with Howard K. Smith, he also co-anchored with Barbara Walters.



1978 - Reasoner returned to CBS as a part of 60 Minutes. He remained an integral part of that show until

his 1991 retirement.



Awards: He recieved a Peabody 1966 , and Emmy for 1973-74.



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