Raul Julia-Levy

Born: Jul 10, 1971 AD
Currently alive, at 44 years of age.

Nationality: Mexican
Categories: None

Raul Julia-Levy (born July 10, 1971, Mexico City) is a Mexican film and television actor, and is the son of actor Raúl Juliá. Not only is Julia-Levy involved in the entertainment industry, he also remains interested in Mexico's politics. Biography Julia-Levy was born into one of the most powerful families in Mexico. He is the grandson of the clothing tycoon Abraham Levy, who died when Julia-Levy was 16. In 1989 Latin America's premier national money investing publication, El Financiero, established that Latin America was being ruled by eight families. The list consisted of Carlos Slim Helú (Mexico), Jerónimo Arango (Mexico), Ricardo Salinas Pliego and family (Mexico), Jorge Paulo Lemann (Brazil), Joseph and Moise Safra (Brazil), Gustavo Cisneros and family (Venezuela), Lorenzo Mendoza and family (Venezuela), and Abraham Levy and family (Mexico). Abraham Levy had only one daughter, Margaret Levy, who at a young age became the sole matriarch of the prominent family who comes from 'old money'. The living descendants of Abraham Levy are his daughter Margaret Levy and her children: Raul Julia-Levy (1971), Elizabeth Levy (1974), Mexican attorney and politician Jose Martin Levy (1977), Betty Levy (1978), Mexican veterinarian Richard Levy (1979), Mexican architect Carlos Levy (1980). The Levy family's presence continues to be influencial throughout Latin America. Along with his brother Jose Levy, Julia-Levy established a foundation to provide scholarships to select indigenous groups throughout Mexico. The National Foundation for the Education of the Indigenous will work through the United Nations beginning in January 2007. According to a CNN report on November 5, 2002, Raul Julia-Levy, whose legal name is Raul Julia, Jr., is responsible for organizing an elite group of individuals to attend the Mexican Presidential Inauguration of Vicente Fox. The list includes: Hollywood film producer David Permut, Cuban President Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, England's Queen Elizabeth II, Polish politician and leader Lech Walesa and other Northern and Latin American dignitaries. Raul Julia-Levy met his father Raúl Juliá for the first time on the set of the movie Romero, an American production filmed in Cuernavaca. Julia-Levy has appeared in the Mexican TV series El Vuelo del águila and Canción de amor, and in the 2001 US film Double Take.
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