Raffaello Santi

Born: Apr 06, 1483 AD
Died: 1520 AD, at 37 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Architects, Artists, Designers, Painters

1483 - Raffaello Sanzio Santi born on the 6th of April in  in Urbino, in the province of Umbria. One of the last of the three greatest painters of the Renaissance.

1500 - It is probable that he took his first lessons from his father, a provincial painter named Giovanni di Santi, before going to Florence, where he was working in the studio of Perugino, an artist well known for his serene and beautifully colored works.

1508 - He went to Rome, where his many talents and his gentle personality brought him friends, honor, and success.

1514 - He was named architect of the new St Peter's.

1515 - He was entrusted with the preservation and recording of the Vatican collections of ancient sculpture.

1520 - He died at the age of thirty-seven, on the 6th of April, leaving behind an unfinished Transfiguration, indicative in its unusual composition of a further artistic maturation which was all too abruptly terminated.

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