Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon

Born: Sep 30, 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 68 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Founder

1946 - Born on September 30th in Vichy, France. A UFO cult leader who maintains a cloning laboratory. Raël, a Frenchman and former motor sport journalist and race-car driver whose parents, the Vorilhons, called him Claude.

1971 - Married to Christine Vorilhon "Marie-Paul Cristini".

1973 - He claims that on December 13th, he was in a volcano near Clermont-Ferrand, France, when he saw a  UFO "7 meters in diameter made of a very shiny silver metal and moving in a total silence." He says a radiant being emerged and entrusted him with a message revealing the true origin of mankind. They told him that henceforth he would be known as Raël, which means "messenger".

         - He was the founder of the Raelian Movement, an "aetheistic religion".

1975 - He was taken to the planet of the Elohim in a flying saucer, where he was introduced to noted earthlings such as Jesus, Buddha, Joseph Smith and Confucius. The Elohim, small human-shaped beings with pale green skin and almond eyes, were apparently the original inspiration for the Judeo-Christian God. They informed Vorilhon that he was the final prophet -- sent to relay a message of peace and sensual meditation to humankind under his new name of Raël.

1997 - He founded a company, Clonaid, which was dedicated to cloning humans.

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