Bruce Price

Born: Dec 12, 1845 AD
Died: 1903 AD, at 57 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Architects

1845 - Born in Cumberland, Maryland on the 12th of December.

1850 - His family moved to Baltimore in the early where Price attended school.

1871 - Bruce Price was married to Mary Josephine Lee, a daughter of Washington Lee, Jr., in April.

1864-1868 - Price learned his profession as a draftsman and apprentice in the Baltimore firm of Niernsee & Neilson.

1869 - He studied for a time in Europe and returned to Baltimore and formed a partnership with E. Francis Baldwin.

1870 - Bruce Price and Francis Baldwin were elected to membership in the Baltimore Chapter of the AIA in December.

1873 - Price severed his partnership with Baldwin and moved to Wilkes-Barre, where his wife's family lived.

1877 - He moved his office to New York where it remained for the rest of his life.

1877 - He reportedly resigned from the AIA but rejoined as a Fellow.

1876 - The cathedral was finished the Lexington church was not completed until.

1885-1886 - Bruce Price designed a clubhouse and offices, stores, and some three dozen cottages and houses here.

1890 - He was a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, and belonged to the Architectural League of New York as well.

1903 - Died on th 29th of May.

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