Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

Born: Sep 29, 106 AD
Died: 048 AD.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Political Leader, Politician

106 BC - Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, born on the 29th of September in Picenum, Rome. He was a distinguished military and political leader of the late Roman Republic.

83 BC - He sided with Sulla after his return from Greece.

82 BC - He easily made himself master of the island of Sicily.

81 BC - He routed the opposing forces in Sicily and crossed over to the Roman province of Africa, where he defeated Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and the Numidian king Hiarbas, after a hard-fought battle.

76 BC - The senate, with considerable lack of enthusiasm, determined to send him to Spain against Sertorius, with the title of proconsul, and with equal powers to Metellus.

76 BC - 71 BC - He remained in Spain between five and six years.

71 BC - In December, he entered the city of Rome in his triumphal car, a simple eques, celebrating his second extralegal triumph for the victories in Hispania.

        - At only 35 years of age, he was elected Consul for the first time.

70 BC - In his consulship, he openly broke with the aristocracy, and became the great popular hero.

69 BC - He was the darling of the Roman masses, although many Optimates were deeply suspicious of his intentions.

69 BC - 68 BC - He remained in Rome and his primacy in the State was enhanced by two extraordinary proconsular commands, unprecedented in Roman history.

67 BC - Two years after his consulship, he was nominated commander of a special naval task force to campaign against the pirates that controlled the Mediterranean.

67 BC - 66 BC - In three short months, his forces had swept the Mediterranean clean of pirates, showing extraordinary precision, discipline, and organizational ability; so that, to adopt the panegyric of Cicero.

66 BC - He was nominated to succeed Lucius Licinius Lucullus in the command, take charge of the Third Mithridatic War and fight Mithridates VI of Pontus in the East. Lucullus, a well-born patrician, made it known that he was incensed at the prospect of being replaced by a "new man" such as him.

65 BC - 62 BC - Conducted the campaigns and Rome annexed much of Asia firmly under its control.

64 BC - He marched into Syria, deposed the king Antiochus XIII Asiaticus, and made that country also a Roman province.

63 BC - He advanced further south, in order to establish the Roman supremacy in Phoenicia, Coele-Syria, and Palestine.

61 BC - His third Triumph took place on the 29th of September, on his 45th birthday, celebrating the victories over the pirates and in the Middle East, and was to be an unforgettable event in Rome.

48 BC - On the 29th of September, his 58th birthday, he was lured toward a supposed audience on shore in a small boat and died in which he recognized two old comrades-in-arms from the glorious, early battles.
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