Born: 1380? AD
Died: 1455? AD.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1380 - Pisanello was born.

1415-1420 - He was the assistant of the renowned painter and illuminator Gentile da Fabriano from whom he acquired his refined, delicate, detailed style.

1422  - He was reported to be in Mantua in the service of young Ludovico Gonzaga, son of the Marchese of Mantua Gianfrancesco Gonzaga.

1424 - Pisanello stayed again in Verona. However, according to some scholars, he painted frescoes about hunting and fishing and jousts in Pavia the same year.

1426 - He painted one of his important surviving works: the fresco Annunciation in San Fermo, Verona.

1433 - He returned to Verona.

1435 - Pisanello became more and more interested in portraiture and medalmaking.

1436-1438 - His fresco masterpiece from this period is Saint George and the Princess of Trebizond at the Pellegrini Chapel, Sant'Anastasia, Verona.

1441 - He went back to Ferrara. There he painted his acclaimed portrait of Lionello d'Este, now on display at the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo.

1455 - Pisanello died.
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