Born: 480 AD
Died: 430 AD.

Nationality: Greek
Categories: Sculptor

480 BC - Phidias was born.

         - Phidias designed the temple of the goddess Athena on the Athenian Acropolis and the colossal seated Statue of Zeus at Olympia in the 5th century BC.

447 BC - The Athenian works were apparently commissioned by Pericles. Pericles used the money from the maritime League of Delos to pay Phidias for his work.

         - Hegias of Athens, Ageladas of Argos, and the Thasian painter Polygnotus, have all been regarded as his teachers.

         - One is Agoracritus who is also known for his sculpture of Nemesis at Rhamnus.

430 BC - According to Plutarch he was made an object of attack by the political enemies of Pericles, and died in prison at Athens. 
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